Hye and hello everyone. First and foremost, i would like to thank my fellow coursemates for making this happy day happens. Forgive my grammar and let me begin my thought and happiness on that day^^  
As to create awareness and being close with the kids from Women Aid Organization, we had been planning this "One Day Trip to UM" for the kids. And with everyone's effort and hardship, we succeed in making this day happens.

The day finally came. Alongside our preparation for the day, i just can't hide my excitement and nervousness. In the morning, while waiting for the kids, i just thought about how iam supposed to act, or how iam supposed to do to be close to them. As i have never experienced these kind of things, iam a little bit scared. 

The nervousness is unexpectedly fade away as i make communication with the kids. They were also unexpectedly very cheerful and their cuteness were overloaded. Haha. I find myself comfortably like to be surrounded by them and shocked by the bonded we have built. 

This was one of the highlight of the day, making the legos together.


LOOK! How creative!

I can look at every face within this legos-bonding-with-seas-wao's kids time, and i can see happiness in every of them. I think i've fall in love with these kids and can't wait to see them again soon! :D
With love;
-Kak Ana-
Siti Nur Farhana bt Mohamad Roslani

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