A precious memories

Hai u guys!! on Saturday we have a one day trip to UM bringing those kids to UM and do a lots of exciting activities! It was so fun and precious time for me because we have the change to bring those unfortunate kids to our University and make all sort of activities with them for example playing giant bubble at Lake Varsity, coloring doodle competition and playing explore race around our Faculty of Social Sciences. Everyone gets our own mente or so u can say lil sis or brother and mine was a lil adorable sis. Mine was a bright and fun full kid who always makes me smile seeing her bubbly personalities. These memories are always will be treasure and precious for me because it teaches me about the gratitude of life that someone we all doesn't appreciate it. 

truly from yours  SEASUM :Sharifah Noor Balqis binti Syed Ben Bella 
Matrix Card: AET 150020   

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