Hello there friends! 

First and foremost, I would like to thank all my friends that had organized the official "1 Day Trip to UM" for the children of Women's Association Organization (WAO). It has been a true blessing to have all of us gathered with the children and getting along to know one another among the 2015 batch of Southeast Asia Studies. I am sincerely grateful for this day to happen and I apologize for the lack of my co-operation.

In the beginning of the event, we had an ice-breaking session with the kids where we introduced ourselves briefly even had breakfast together! The children were all so lovely and they were definitely rich in smiles and laughter. Not only that, but they were really smart and mostly enthusiastic in getting along with all of us. Some even remembered our names just by first hearing it. 

Next, we started our activity with a game of chasing circles. In this game, we were all divided into two groups of cricle A and B. We were told to roam around while the music is on and when the music stops, we will have to find a partner from the opposite group. I could see from this game, some of the kids were already attached to us like Divaa and Haris were attached to Alif and saw him as their guardian. It was honestly the cutest and most genuine thing I have ever seen in a long while.. 

Afterwards, we continued our activity Zumba dance where we taught the kids some moves and jammed along with Meghan Trainor's hit single. I've never seen such pure happiness in the kids' faces and it tore me up a little bit. 

After a while, we cooled down and moved on to learning activity where we were divided into stations of different subject. I was personally stationed at the English subject and had to teach the children. It was a wonderful experience and quite funny. I could see how clever the children were and how enthusiastic they came to learn, even if some of them were stubborn when they got the answers wrong but they easily brushed it off and learned from their mistakes. Colouring, doodling, and building blocks were next and that's when the best part of their creativity came to life!

A mixture of loud and crazy, calm and peaceful.. Everyone was busy in their own bubble creating something from their own minds. 

Finally, we came to the best part of the day.. Giant Bubbles! 

We rushed to the Varsity Lake with a big bucket and a few plastic bowls with bubble equipment. Then the fun began! All of us were dancing, prancing, running, and laughing around with our own bubble equipment creating a vivid atmosphere.

I was so touched when I also got to know my friends from my batch and we bonded during this day. In addition to that, I've made a few friends from the group of kids and we parted our ways with a hug and a brofist. She was a wonderful kid with a beautifully vast mind and I hope for her to be able to achieve her dreams and goals, and so for the other children as well. They deserve so much the world could offer. 

Thank you once again for this event guys! 

Yours truly,

Deviani Christihapsari
AET 150701

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