Well first, I would like to thank all my friends whom successfully organize this exciting event and I am sorry if I do not help much. Thank you and thank you very much.

 During ice breaking, I know every one of us was adjusting to the situation, trying to break all the walls between us and the kids. Yup, quite hard since the kids aren't that familiar with us or maybe our presence at first terrified them. But don't worry, we all succeed in making them getting close to us. And when Zumba came, dancing with them still quite awkward with them. But, kids age 4 to 7 I am pretty sure they enjoy it as much as we do. Hahaha! But those who were in secondary school I found out that they were quite shy to dance and yes, of course, I understand them. We girls all going to that phase where we get shy in doing the ridiculous thing but hell yeah, it was fun and I hope they would feel it too. Still they danced you know. And I find it very cute.

Thank God, then we moved to Dataran Siswa. There we continued doing more activities like explorace, colouring and playing legos. We were divided into groups and to my group, I want to thank you and hug you guys very much. My groupmates were very outgoing and I hope they were having fun as much I was. They were very good in answering all the questions in the explorace and somehow, I felt proud of them. Indeed, I felt proud of them. And when we were playing legos, funny I can saw their eyes sparkling as if seen a diamond. Seeing their creativity in creating stuff, I was jealous of them. Look how simple and small things can make them so happy. I miss during that time. And when I walked around looking at other groups, surprisingly they are more creative than me. One of this kid built a motorbike legos by himself. How awesome is that?

The most memorable activities of course when we all were playing with bubbles. When we all decided to be free again. All of us were very happy at that time. Our bond with the kids was getting stronger that's when I knew the end is coming. To the kids, I hope you all continue to grow up beautifully and never fond with the past. I hope you will see the future more picturesque. You have dreams to achieve, and you have more things to do. Grow up stronger and lively J

p/s: thank you very much <3

with love,
ida adliana binti roslan (AET150005)

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