Super fun time engaging with WAO kids

  Hello there! My name is YOO ILSEOK from South East Asia Studies
performing social engagement with WAO. On last saturday, we had
a big day together with kids from WAO. First I felt quite awkward 
with the kids because I am not good with kids, but something unexepected
thing happend. The kids were the one who approached to me first and trying to communicate with me. I was surprised that they have such a pure soul.

  We had some fun while doing some activities, such as some dancing practices,
going through maze,  painting color paper, soap bubbles and etc... I believe
the kids had a great time, I could tell from their reactions and smile on their
small faces. 

  On up coming sunday, classmates and I are going to see them in WAO 
this time. I can not wait to see those adorable kids again. On last saturday
they were the one who heal my soul, but this time I will try my best to repay
what they taught me.

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