Lovely Experience

Hello my friends!
Before i start with my experience during this program, I would like to thank all my beloved friends that had organized this program successfully. I am sincerely apologize for the lack of my co-operation and I'm very grateful have a classmates like you all which always cover each other. Thank you so much. <3 
For the second program that we do after "One day trip" is be a volunteering at the shelter. Before i start with my experience there, I want to thank to my group mates, Ida  Adliana, Siti Fatimah, Norziela and Fatin Syamimi adn thanks to Julayka because sending us there. Thank you so much for helping and support each other from the first until the last program. 
What can i say, to handle the children at shelter, we must have a lot of patience because even in the circle small it still hard to handle. There are so stubborn and do not want to give up and always want to win. If they can't get what they want, then one of them will sulk and of course we are as a volunteer which are responsible for them on that day need to persuade them. But trust me, I really enjoy it and even I feels so funny to see them quarrel and sulk each other. Sometimes, I also want to joined their quarrel and scold them but I can't do that. If only they are my lil bro or lil sister then, i will scold. 
To be honest, I really enjoyed during that day and love them so much. There are so funny and even clingy sometimes.  They asked me to draw ambulance then i draw, after that they want me to draw car then I draw. After that, we play lego together and even playing lego also there are so tough to handle. Only God know what I feel on that time. Luckily, I have a group members which always support each other, which is when i can't handle that kid. 
On more thing, one of these kids are really like to play my phone and snap my picture. what he said "Cikgu can i take your picture" then i posing then they snap for a hundred times i think at the same pose and at the same times without giving warning for me to change different pose. But trust me, they are so good of taking my picture. 

Car that they asked for me to draw

To be honest I really enjoyed on that day. They are so funny and memorable. Until now, i still remember their name. If only i get chance to visit them, for sure i will go. :)

Fatin Alia 

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