Social Engagement''s Reflection : Women''s Organization Association

Dear friends of Jati,

First and foremost, I'd like to express how thankful and grateful I am to be part of this program that is blessed with so many experiences. Through this community work, I have learned the human values of life which consist of co-operation, caring, love, harmony, responsibility, gratitude and equality. We have raised awareness of positive human values and more importantly, we were able to bring attention the urgent need to practice them in our community and cease the social issues and judgment that hindered us from doing good for other people in need in small and struggling community. 

During the sessions spent with the women and children who undergone tough struggles in their lives, I had observed how strong they became despite their past. They did not let whatever they left behind affect their loved ones, moreover they were very helpful towards each other in raising their children together and going through life itself. It struck me hard.

I only hope that we can apply and develop our human values after the end of this social engagement to spread more positivism in our society and the urgency of lending a helping hand to others, no matter what situation they are in. 

Lastly, I'd like to apologize for the lack of my co-operation or if there had been any mistakes made by me. 

Thank you,

Deviani Christihapsari
AET 150701

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