Well first, I want to thank all of my groupmates, Norziela, Fatin Syamimi, Fatimah and Fatin because without them, trust me it would be hard. Also to our leaders, Alif and Julayka, thank you very much for taking us there. Hope all of you guys satisfied with all our hard works.

When we arrived there, looking at the door, I felt afraid plus anxious plus excited? And what more afraid when Jue decided to leave us there and wishing us good luck. I was like, uhh okay. Leaving us here in this anonymous place where none of us know or recognize anybody except us. Hahaha. Can imagine what I (I don’t know about others. I am a coward person) felt at that time? 

First stepped into the house, I prayed hopefully things would be well and controllable. Then Miss Shangeri? I don’t know how to spell her name showed us the room and she assigned us, several kids. Our kids. Hahahahaha. Up till now when I reminiscing about them, I laughed. Only God knows how funny and memorable they are.

With them, we learn one thing, Patience. I thank all the kids because they taught us patience. Never I thought to handle kids would be tough and take a lot of courage to handle them. I think now I know how hard our parents to take care of us. Every kid has their own colors, have their own beauty and I felt grateful because they still have it and I hope they keep it. Never will any obstacles or past haunted and scribble they colors.

 Other than that, they taught us the courage to handle them. They taught us that sometimes we have to have the courage to be stern towards them. Not that I said that we have to be stern or mad at them all day long, all the time, but because they are still kids, and we have to correct them. We have to remind them and always correct their manners and behaviour. But no worries, we still had fun with them.  We drew houses, played legos to encourage their creativeness hopefully they keep them.

I learn that no matter what when they were sulking because we don’t fulfill their wants, always, always, and always go and ‘pujuk’ them. I thank all-Ziela, Fatin, Mimi, Fatimah because always ‘pujuk’ them. There’s one time I almost, almost wanted to give up on them. But looking how struggling my friends are, it is unfair if I let myself down. Thank you very much because we, together get through all of this successfully. Thank you because always give the positive vibe to each other. Thank you and thank you very much. Sincerely *bow 

Ida Adliana,

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